World AIDS Day 2014!

Did you wear a red ribbon for World AIDS Day this year?

December 1st every year marks World AIDS Day. Hope For All  got out the message about HIV/AIDS to the Essequibo community through the annual walkathon, spreading the word about awareness and the ABC’s of HIV prevention: abstain, be faithful and use condoms!

Support the fight against HIV/AIDS by knowing your status! Visit Hope For All in Suddie to get tested today for free!





2.3 Million new cases of HIV worldwide in 2012!

A recent report from the United Nations has shown that the number of new cases of HIV infection in the world has dropped 33% from 2001 to 2012, which is good progress! But even though the number of new cases has decreased, a lot of people are still being infected: worldwide there were 2.3 million new cases of HIV reported in 2012 ! There are also now fewer AIDS related deaths than 10 years ago, because of the increase of people taking antiretroviral drugs: there are now almost 10 million people taking the medication! However, HIV is still a very serious problem and is continuing to spread in countries all around the globe.

In Guyana, the HIV prevalence is currently estimated at 1.1% (around 1,000 adults in Guyana report becoming infected with the virus each year, and there are likely many more cases that go unreported). Between 2003 and 2012, 9,598 new cases of HIV were reported to the Ministry of Health. There are also around 200 deaths per year in Guyana that are attributed to AIDS.

Remember to protect yourself and others by getting tested and knowing your status, and use a new, unexpired condom every time you have sex!

Anna Regina Town Day

At the first annual Anna Regina Town Day in Essequibo, Peer Educators joined the other exhibitors by setting up a Hope For All booth on Friday and Saturday. The Peer Educators distributed information on a variety of topics, including HIV/AIDS, STIs, domestic violence, safe sex, condoms, tobacco and other health issues!


Peer Educators getting ready to share out condoms and talk to people about safe sex and HIV!


Hope For All Peer Educators booth at Anna Regina Town Day, teaching young men about how to use a condom properly!


Sharing out the info!

Throughout both days they were able to demonstrate how to use both male and female condoms, and distributed 3,000 male condoms and 45 female condoms to the Town Day goers and patrons of local bars and shops. Many people learned about the importance of safe sex and how to properly use a condom. They were also able to refer a number of people to Hope For All for HIV testing. Overall, a successful day! Please seek out the Hope For All booth at Essequibo Night in October to get more information!!!

Peer Educators Trained!

Seventeen youth ages 14 to 25 in Essequibo completed the full week training program at Hope For All in April and learned the skills necessary to be able to inform their peers on issues such as pregnancy, the male and female reproductive system, HIV and STI symptoms, transmission and prevention, stigma and discrimination, violence prevention, assertive communication and facilitation techniques.

Since the training, in the past month these youth have been able to reach out to over 250 of their peers in formally planned sessions on a variety of topics such as “Love and Infatuation”, “Sex and HIV Risk”, “Delaying Sex” and “Stigma and Discrimination in School”. The Peer Educators have been able to hold sessions at Abram Zuil Secondary, Johanna Cecilia Secondary, Essequibo Technical Institute, Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary, Charity Secondary and with Hope For All’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) group.  In addition, each Peer Educator has also been able to reach a number of their other peers in one-on-one sessions to discuss issues that are affecting individuals. The group recently got back together for a follow-up meeting and have elected leadership and planned their next steps as a Peer Education team, so that they can reach out to more people in Region 2!

Congratulations to Arnold, Tenesha, Serafya, Annalisa, Stacy, Sarswattie, Ilhunde, Toneacia, Yhenicia, Candace, Treshawna, Shelon, Anmeary, Joy-Esther, Candacie, Narifar and Shasta on becoming certified Peer Educators!!! We look forward to working with you more and seeing what you’ll do next!

Peer Educator Training Program!

Hope For All will soon be welcoming its newest batch of peer educators from Secondary Schools across the Essequibo Coast. On April 2nd twenty-one youth from the region will start a 5-day training program where they will discuss and learn about health topics such as STIs, HIV, reproduction, early pregnancy, peer pressure, stigma and discrimination, and other issues affecting their generation. In addition, these peer educators will be trained in facilitation and communication skills so that they can go back to their communities and share what they have learned with groups and individuals. We look forward to a fun and educational week with our new peer educators!

Women’s Empowerment Seminar 2013!

On March 8th and 9th, Hope For All will be holding a Women’s Empowerment Seminar, led by Miriam! This seminar will be the concluding event of three weeks of women’s empowerment topics on the Saturday evening Channel 8 program “Living Hope”. The seminar is intended to empower women in their lives in the areas of health, finances and personal relationships. To register for the seminar, please call Hope For All at 774-4598 or 623-0006! Check out the flyer below!

Download a copy of the flyer here